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Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Dental Braces for Comfortable & Effective Teeth Straightening

Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Dental Brackets from 3M Unitek use a high-tech ceramic material which is almost invisible and is designed for comfort with smooth rounded edges. Self-ligating brackets help correct teeth alignment without rubber ligatures.

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Because the price is at times a real issue when undertaking essential or cosmetic dental care, we pride ourselves on our ability to hold extremely competitive fees without compromising on quality or care.


Finance 4 Patients provides a simple and affordable way to spread the cost of your dental treatment with a 0% Interest and no upfront deposit required.


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Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Dental Braces Advantages

  • Virtually invisible, made of high-tech ceramic
  • Allows natural tooth colour to shine through
  • Self-ligating braces simplify teeth cleaning
  • No rubber ligatures to stain teeth or trap food
  • Brackets are stain-resistant throughout treatment
  • Open design, easier to maintain good oral hygiene
  • Created for comfort with smooth, rounded edges
  • Unique design for efficient & quick teeth alignment correction
  • Small brackets reduce contact with gum tissue


Get all the teeth straightening benefits of traditional dental braces, without the discomfort and embarrassment of having metal parts inside the mouth.

Clarity Advanced dental braces use virtually unnoticeable brackets made of a high-tech ceramic material, created to let the natural tooth colour to shine through. The strong ceramic brackets have rounded edges for comfortable wear, while the small size minimises contact with the gums to prevent irritation.

Invisible Teeth Straightening

The fine-grained ceramic material used in Clarity Advanced brackets is almost invisible and blends seamlessly with the colour of your teeth. No one will notice that you are undergoing an orthodontic treatment – a far cry from the conspicuous metal wires and brackets of conventional dental braces.

The ultra-small, translucent brackets are designed to resist staining and discolouration throughout the duration of the treatment.

Fast & Effective Results

Clarity self-ligating braces are specially designed to move teeth into a straighter position quickly and with predictable results & debonding. With the 3M Clarity™ brand’s unique stress concentrator, the orthodontic treatment will proceed with guaranteed, efficient results.

The self-ligating ceramic braces do not require the use of traditional rubber ligatures which are usually attached to the archwires. The small yet strong brackets are equipped with their own clips that have the role of holding the archwire firmly in place.

Confident Smiles throughout Treatment

The virtually invisible ceramic brackets make it possible for the orthodontic treatment to be conducted in the most discreet manner. There is no need for others to know that you are having your teeth straightened unless you tell them yourself.

Metal parts in the mouth can be a source of embarrassment when using traditional dental braces. With Clarity’s translucent brackets, you can have your teeth straightened confidently without feeling awkward or embarrassed because of a smile filled with metal wires and brackets.

Easy to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Clarity self-ligating ceramic braces do not use rubber ligatures that can trap food pieces after meals, which can be difficult to remove and may problems with maintaining oral hygiene. With Clarity, it is much easier to clean the teeth while undergoing an orthodontic treatment.

Prevent Teeth Staining

The translucent ceramic brackets are guaranteed to be stain-resistant as the teeth are moved into a straighter position. No need to worry about unsightly marks and stains on the teeth, which may be left behind after an orthodontic treatment using metal wires and brackets.

Increased Comfort during Treatment

The dome-shaped design and smooth rounded corners of Clarity Advanced self-ligating brackets are created for complete patient comfort throughout the teeth straightening treatment.

Small bracket design ensures that there is minimal contact with soft gum tissue to reduce the possibility of irritation and discomfort. In addition, the rounded ball hook is specifically angled to prevent any form of discomfort.

You will not only look forward to a straighter smile after using Clarity Advanced ceramic braces – you will also have an effortlessly comfortable time during the treatment itself!


Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces Treatment Steps

1. Consultation and X-rays (OPG Scan)

  • The dentist will access you and ask to take X-rays, Your dentist will issue you with a detailed treatment plan along with costs.
  • Our expert treatment coordinators will then go through all payment plans and finance options and remember we offer 0% apr.

2. Clarity Records and Hygiene

    • We will help start off your orthodontic treatment with amazingly clean teeth.

We will take moulds of your teeth and photos to send to our laboratory for study models to be made.

4. Clarity Bond Up (Fit)

  • One week after your Clarity records appointment, you are now ready for the fitting of your Clarity braces.

5. Adjustment reviews

  • Treatment options and adjustments vary according to the specific case

The Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets are made of a fine-grained ceramic material designed to mimic the natural tooth colour. As the brackets seamlessly blend with the appearance of natural teeth, the braces will not be easily visible to others.

No stains during and after the treatment. The Clarity ceramic brackets are designed to be stain-resistant.

No. The brackets have smooth, rounded edges that are created for increased patient comfort compared to traditional dental braces with metal parts.

Yes. It will be easy for you to clean your teeth and maintain good oral hygiene since there are no rubber ligatures to trap food pieces.

It means that the brackets are uniquely equipped with their own clips that hold the archwire in place, so there is no need for rubber ligatures.

No, the Clarity Advanced brackets maintain their strength because of the fine-grained ceramic material, even with the smaller size.

Yes, you can opt to have colours – which will show up even more clearly on Clarity Advanced compared to traditional metal braces.

No. The removal is easy and pain-free.

Privacy Policy

We aim to respond to all emails within
20 Minutes during working hours