Perfect Smiles with
Composite Bonding
in London

From just £187.50 per tooth

If you’re looking to perfect your natural smile, composite bonding may be the ideal cost-effective solution for you.

Composite bonding uses an acrylic, high-end composite material to correct dental imperfections by building on and enhancing your natural teeth.

The Composite Bonding Procedure

We offer two types of composite bonding here; Edge Bonding & Composite Veneers. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your options with the dentist before treatment begins to understand what’s best for you.

Composite Bonding is a non-invasive procedure that’s pain free with no damage or changes to your natural teeth. It’s a non-permanent treatment that is completely reversible and is used to improve minor imperfections and create a more uniform and whiter smile.

Before applying the composite material, your Harley Street dentist will clean and prepare the tooth’s outer surface. Preparation is done using an acidic gel which ensures the composite will properly adhere to your natural teeth.

You and your Pro Dental Clinic dentist will decide on the perfect colour for your composite to match your existing teeth before treatment begins. You may wish to whiten your natural teeth ahead of your bonding appointment to allow for a brighter and whiter smile. If this is the case, we will provide you with an at home professional whitening kit that can be completed over a period of roughly 14 days.

The composite is then applied to the tooth and the dentist will shape and sculpt to the desired look and it is then hardened with a blue light to set it in place firmly. The composite is polished and perfected, and your new smile is complete!

The benefits of Composite Bonding

No changes or damage to natural teeth


Choose between edge bonding or veneers

Treatment completed same day


If you think Composite Bonding could be the right treatment for you, pop in to see one of our cosmetic dentists for a free consultation. If you’re interested to learn about a permanent transformative alternative to bonding, head over to our dedicated porcelain veneers page.

Ready to take the next step?

Book a consultation or get in touch with our friendly team today. We take a £50 deposit payment to secure all consultations which is redeemable against treatment. Deposit is not refundable.

Am I suitable for Composite Bonding?

Your suitability for composite bonding will depend on many factors, such as the position and colour of your teeth, but also what you would like your final smile to look like. Generally, your teeth will need to be in good condition with enough tooth enamel to bond the composite onto.

What should I expect during treatment?

Composite Bonding is a quick, easy, and pain-free treatment. To prepare the tooth your dentist will clean it first, then apply an “etching” gel to roughen the surface for a better bond.  Next, the resin material is either painted on as a liquid or applied in a putty-like state and shaped and sculpted. It is hardened using a special curing light and then polished to achieve a pleasant shine.

How long will the Composite Bonding last?

The composite resin used is designed specifically for this treatment and is very durable. However, it is still not as strong as porcelain and can chip and break. The longevity of the treatment will be determined to a large degree by how the teeth are looked after and any potentially destructive habits you may have. These will be identified to you by your Pro Dental dentist.

What is the price of Composite Bonding?

Currently Pro Dental have priced Composite Bonding at just £275 per tooth, reduced from £450 per tooth for limited time only.