Free Digital Dental Assessment

We provide you with a free dental assessment prior to your paid consultation

Free digital dental assessments from the comfort of your home, get pre-approved for treatment and allow us to personalise your consultation experience to your specific needs.

The Pro Dental Clinic team provides a free digital dental assessment to anyone who’s interested in having treatment. We provide this service free of charge to give you a better understanding of your current dental situation, what to expect from the consultation and to personalise your in-clinic consultation to give you a 5* experience.

Pro Dental clinic requests photos or videos of your teeth and smile prior to a paid for in-clinic consultation. This free digital service will provide you with advice, confirm eligibility and provide you with a bespoke digital assessment. You will need to email pictures over to our team alongside the treatment you’re hoping to have and some information on what you’re hoping to achieve. We will process the assessment and get back to you within 24 hours. You can download our digital dental assessment guide to learn more about what information we need and how to take your photos.

Digital Dental Assessments at Pro Dental Clinic are free of charge and completed within 24 hours of submission. These are required prior to any in-clinic consultation. 

For 5* customer care with Harley Street experts, submit your digital dental assessment today.

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