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Implant-retained Dentures

Have confidence in a secure smile

If you’ve been living with uncomfortable and ill-fitting dentures, the skilled Implantologists at our dedicated Spanish Place Implant Centre have the solution for you – implant-retained dentures starting from £7,650

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Dentures are made to replace the normal appearance of your smile after tooth loss however, their removable feature can result in functional problems associated with long-term use, such as difficulty chewing or speaking properly. You may also find that your removable dentures have caused gum irritation as they move around the mouth.

Implant-retained dentures get rid of these issues through strategically placed implants. Placed within the jawbone, dental implants serve to securely support a fixed dental bridge or denture, firmly holding the prosthesis in place and providing a comfortable solution to missing teeth!

Benefits of implant-retained dentures include:

Improved functionality – you’ll be able to bite, chew and speak far more easily than before
Natural look and feel – whereas conventional dentures sit on the gum line leaving a gap between the prosthetic and the gum underneath, implant-retained dentures and secured into the gum giving a more natural look
Stability – fixed by durable implants, your denture will remain secure and immobile
Prevention of bone loss – implant-retained dentures stimulate the gums in the same way that natural tooth roots would; ensuring new growth and healthy gums.

The implant procedure

Placing the implants for your denture can be completed in just 1 day. In this procedure, your expert Pro Dental dentist will surgically insert the implants into your jaw bone. This is conducted under anaesthetic so you won’t feel any pain and, owing to our state-of-the-art technological capabilities, is a minimally invasive procedure.

This means that, though you may experience some swelling afterwards, the healing process is quick and can be easily managed at home. During this time, we recommend eating soft, nutritional foods to support healing. We can provide you with a discount code for a recommended plan of post-surgery meals from Alimento.

Choose Dental Implants placed by Harley Street experts

The experienced implant dentists at Pro Dental on Harley Street have placed thousands of implants to date. Dr Amandeep Goma and Dr Suneil Amin are also experienced in carrying out the associated procedures of implant surgery, such as sinus lifts and bone grafting.

Learn more about our highly skilled team here.

Dr Vikas Agarwal
Specialist in Prosthodontics

Dr Vikas Agarwal

BDS MFDS RCSEd MClinDent MPros RCSEdGDC No. 257233Dr Vikas Agarwal is a GDC registered Specialist in Prosthodontics. He completed his Specialist training in Prosthodontics from Barts and The London Dental School in September 2014. Dr Agarwal is a Member of Prosthodontics and Faculty of Dental Surgery at The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He specialises in Implants, Cosmetic and Prosthetic Dentistry with a wide range of treatment options including full mouth reconstructions, All on Four/Six implant cases, Jaw joint disorders, removable partial and complete dentures, fixed and removable implant prostheses, and cosmetic smile designing.
Special Interest in Dental Implantology

Dr Suneil Amin

BDCGDC No.117837Dr Suneil Amin qualified from Kings College London University in 2009. His early career focused on surgical dentistry which was where Suneil developed his interest in Implant dentistry. Suneil has completed his MJDF RCS (Membership of the joint dental faculty) and the Diploma in Implant Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons. Suneil has worked within some of the leading practices for Invisalign and is one of the most experienced dentists in this area within this field. Suneil’s enthusiasm for both restorative and surgical dentistry has allowed him to develop a keen interest in both cosmetic and implant dentistry. Suneil is extremely personable with an excellent bed side manner. He always connects with his patients and has proved to be a very popular member of our team. Dr Suneil Amin has a passion for replacing missing teeth and restoring patient's smile.
staff image of Jiten Master - dentist at Pro Dental
Specialist in Prosthodontics

Jiten Masters

Having been in private dental practice in the USA and having a special interest in Prosthodontics, for over 23 years, Jiten brings a wealth of dental knowledge and experience to ProDental. Along with spending time with his family, in his spare time, he tries to stay fit and healthy, is a keen badminton player and golfer, both of which could benefit from more practice! As a keen photographer, he likes to travel places where he can capture images that inspire and create awe in its beholders. More practice wouldn’t hurt that as well!

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What are implant-retained dentures?

Implant-retained dentures are the artificial teeth that are supported by dental implants, so they do not move uncontrollably on their own. Dentures or a dental bridge supported by implants are held firmly in place, attached to the jawbone.

What can I eat while I’m having dental implant treatment?

For anyone undergoing dental implant treatment, you will need to maintain a soft diet for 3 months. We recommend trying Alimento. Alimento offer a range of nutritionally balanced, tasty soft meals from Birds Eye, as well as a selection of nutritious drinks. Pro Dental patients can receive 30% off their first order by entering the discount code ‘PRODENTAL30’ on checkout. Visit the Alimento website here.

How will my smile look after implant treatment?

You will have a natural-looking and much healthier smile after implant treatment. Your confidence will be restored knowing that you have a beautiful new smile you can depend on.