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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonial – Gum Problems & Crooked Teeth Treatment

Patient Testimonial – Gum Problems & Crooked Teeth Treatment

I found that when I was pregnant, I had lots of issues with regards to my teeth becoming very mobile – the moving around. That led to problems with my gums, it led to my teeth becoming crooked and very difficult to clean. Once I’ve had my baby, I became quite self-conscious about it because my smile looked very different to how it had done beforehand. I also had a very problematic crown that kept coming loose, so I decided it was time to take some action.

Pro Dental has helped me with every aspect of the problems I was having with my teeth. Initially, with my dental help itself, I was advised by Dr Goma to have some periodontal treatment – which I did, which was a great first step in terms of making my gums healthy enough to have the treatment I needed. From thereon in, he recommended Invisalign. For me, day to day, I think that was a great choice because it’s not as noticeable as the braces; obviously being an adult, you know, that is a consideration. It worked very well for me, I had absolutely no problems with the Invisalign at any point. It was very simple and led me to a great end result.

Finally, I had implants, which again, surprisingly, was completely pain-free. I had absolutely no problems with, I’ve had another crown – and my treatment is complete!

I would choose Pro Dental again, 100%, because from day 1 I felt very welcomed. I thought it was a very friendly atmosphere, which I think is very important when you’re coming back for repeat appointments over a prolonged period of time. The professional advice I had from the beginning with regards to dental health as well as the actual look itself – I found very appealing. The value is also really good –  not that that’s a main consideration but when you’re considering all your options, it’s something that does come into play. I wouldn’t hesitate in using Pro Dental again. I’d say the experience overall has been fantastic.

Professional, friendly, and fantastic results.

Patient Testimonial – Diabetic

Patient Testimonial – Diabetic – Weak Gums – Dental Implants

I am diabetic, and my gums are very weak, and I was losing my teeth. That’s why I came here.

They helped take very, very good care of me. They are very informative, very kind. My doctor is very, very good. I was so scared, to be honest, but he controlled my situation and he gave me confidence to do this and everything is done very good. I’m very happy with Dr Goma, actually.

I had a dental implant treatment on the upper arch. Because of my diabetes and I was losing my teeth, I couldn’t eat, couldn’t swallow anything. So, myself and my kids were all very worried about me. I was losing my weight because I wasn’t eating so I preferred to come here.

Experience was very, very good, I am very satisfied. My doctor was very helpful; my nurses were very, very good and they helped me a lot.

Very informative, very friendly, very good atmosphere.

Patient Testimonial – Missing Teeth

Patient Testimonial – Missing Teeth – Dental Implants

Well, I had a front tooth missing – which was very conspicuous – and I also had three missing in the upper left, all in a row. As regards to the front tooth, it has given me more confidence back because I was very self-conscious when talking to people – you know, that they would notice that I had a tooth missing so I made an attempt not to open my mouth, certainly not to smile!

Also, this cosmetic help on the three (teeth) in the upper left, that’s helped more in the sense of eating. But also the front tooth, being there, has helped in eating as well.

I had three in the upper left, I had 2 implants there I believe with 3 crowns. And 1 of the 2 front teeth, I had an implant and a crown there.

Price is very competitive, I don’t know of any better. Also, the people here are very friendly and helpful, very professional, putting you right at ease – treating you like one of the family, so to speak.

Helpful, professional, and friendly.

Patient Testimonial – Cosmetic Dentistry

Patient Testimonial – Cosmetic Dentistry

It wasn’t so much dental work, it was more cosmetic for me. I found out that my back teeth were pushing through my front, which made them very crooked; because of that, I became very self-conscious.

It changed my whole being, really. My self-confidence, my self-esteem, everything. Before, I wouldn’t take any photos with my teeth showing, because I was so aware and embarrassed of my smile. Well now, I just can’t stop smiling.

I had Invisalign Full on the top and bottom. I had whitening, and I’ve had cosmetic work on the front two teeth where they were chipped and they had been crooked.

I saw you on social media and you had so many good deals. When I inquired, you were so friendly and helpful. You also had a lot of payment plans so I could choose the right one for me. I chose the monthly payment plan and it worked really well.

Everyone was so friendly and helpful, and it just exceeded my expectations.

Patient Testimonial – Dental Braces & More

Patient Testimonial – Dental Braces – Invisalign

I had braces when I was 12 years old, and my retainer wasn’t doing its right job so I looked into getting a different type of brace at this age.

You have helped me by giving me a lovely treatment which has now made me feel so confident about my smile especially being a dancer. I now feel like I can smile. I’ve had Invisalign Lite and whitening.

I would choose Pro Dental because the girls on reception are really helpful and personable. My dentist as well was really an expert in telling me about the treatment I need, very honest, which I thought was very kind.

My experience has been lovely since I walked through the door. Everyone has been so nice and honest, and like I said its really been very efficient. I’ll definitely come back and recommend you.

I would say it’s comfortable, very friendly, and it’s given me a lot of confidence.