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Full Mouth Missing Teeth Replacement (All-on-4)

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*60 months 9.9%APR. 0% Finance also Available.

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What are Full Mouth / All-on-4 Dental Implants?

At our Central London Clinic, The All-on-4® treatment concept is a method of giving you a fixed full-arch of teeth that is supported by four (or sometimes six) Titanium Dental Implants on the day of surgery.

If you have multiple missing teeth or dislike the idea of wearing dentures, we have the technology and expertise to give you your beautiful smile back on your first visit with Permanent new teeth from the beginning.

For A Better Quality of Life

  • Chewing & Eating

  • Natural-look Smile

  • Speech Improvement

  • Greater Comfort

  • Improved Jawbone Quality

  • Improved Self Esteem & Social Life

A Revolutionary New Technique Where You Can Walk Out of Surgery with a Fixed Set of Natural-looking Fixed Teeth

A New Set of Teeth on Your First Visit

We fit a temporary (and surprisingly very natural) Custom-made, fixed chrome PMMA bridge on titanium dental implants at your first visit.

Our master dental technicians will then, hand-craft and design your actual teeth which will be fitted in approximately 4-6 months.

With your new teeth in place, you will have 90-95% chewing ability restored and will be able to eat as normal and enjoy the foods you love with confidence.

Straighten your teeth in secret

  • As Invisalign gently yet effectively moves your teeth into better alignment, no one else has to know you are having an orthodontic treatment.
  • The aligners are specially trimmed to match your gum line, continuously working on straightening your teeth as you go through your busy daily schedule in complete comfort.

Invisalign – Made to Move

Invisalign black & white

Teeth straightening issues which can be improved with an Invisalign treatment:

  • Teeth overcrowding – This can lead to more severe crookedness over time. Dental hygiene will also be a challenge since it will be difficult to keep crowded teeth properly cleaned.
  • Underbite – This condition may lead to the development of jaw joint problems, and hinders the proper function of the front teeth & molars.
  • Crossbite – Upper teeth overlap with and bite on some of the lower teeth, causing prematurely worn enamel, bone deterioration, and even gum disease.
  • Deep bite – A deep bite can result in unnecessary wear and tear on the lower teeth, gum problems, and may also lead to pain in the jaw joint.
  • Open bite – Speech problems and difficulties in chewing often result from open bite issues, which may also lead to problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ disorders).
  • Gapped teeth – Aside from being aesthetically unattractive, gapped teeth can also lead to gum problems due to the lack of teeth in specific areas.

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(OR £31.50 A MONTH)

Invisalign treatments

Which Invisalign treatment is best for you?

  • Invisalign i7 – This Invisalign teeth straightening option is made up of just 7 clear aligners, and is designed for milder teeth crookedness, with treatment lasting for an average of 3-4 months.
  • Invisalign Lite – This option uses 14 clear aligners to treat mild to moderate teeth straightening cases, with an average of 6 months of treatment (each aligner to be changed every 2 weeks). Invisalign is used if the case if too complex for Invisalign i7, but does not necessarily require Invisalign FULL.
  • Invisalign FULL – This is the original Invisalign orthodontic system consisting of unlimited clear dental aligners, with the treatment lasting an average of 14 months (anywhere from 12-18 months). This Invisalign treatment can correct a wide range of teeth straightening issues.
  • Your Invisalign treatment coordinator will advise you of your best treatment option depending on the complexity of your teeth straightening requirements. You will always receive a full written treatment plan.

Invisalign braces

All Invisalign braces include:

  • ClinCheck –This includes a personalised treatment plan by Pro Dental Clinic, giving you a clear idea of the precise movements your teeth will go through – and the entire treatment’s timeframe.
  • SmartTrack – Invisalign aligners are made of the almost-invisible SmartTrack material, designed to comfortably fit over your teeth while improving the predictability of teeth movement by as much as 75%.
  • iTero – This intra-oral scanner replaces the need to obtain manual impressions, which can be messy and highly uncomfortable. iTero creates accurate 3D digital images of your teeth which will then be used to formulate an Invisalign treatment plan
  • 3D Printing – Invisalign is the world’s largest user of the cutting-edge 3D printing technology in the creation of custom-made aligners, revolutionizing the digital transformation of orthodontics and dentistry.
Invisalign Type Offer Price Sets of teeth Months Aligners
Invisalign i7 £1,500 1 Set of Teeth. 3-4 Months 7 CLEAR ALIGNERS
Invisalign i7 £2,200 2 Sets of Teeth 3-4 Months 7 CLEAR ALIGNERS
Invisalign Lite £2,200 1 Set of Teeth 4-7 Months 14 CLEAR ALIGNERS
Invisalign Lite £2,500 2 Sets of Teeth 4-7 Months 14 CLEAR ALIGNERS
Invisalign FULL £2,900 2 Sets of Teeth 4-7 Months UNLIMITED ALIGNERS

Spread your payments with 0% and low-cost finance plans

Invisalign i7 (2 Arches) £2,200 0% 24 £91.66 £2,200
Invisalign i7 (2 Arches) £2,200 9.9% APR 60 £46.20 £2,772
Invisalign LITE (2 Arches) £2,500 0% 24 £104.17 £2,500
Invisalign LITE (2 Arches) £2,500 9.9% APR 60 £52.50 £3150
Invisalign FULL (2 Arches) £2,900 0% 24 £120.83 £2,900
Invisalign FULL (2 Arches) £2,900 9.9% APR 60 £60.91 £3654.60

Monthly Repayments based on 60 Monthly Payments (9.9% APR). Total amount payable: £1,890.00 (no deposit required). *0% Finance also available over 12 months (treatment value below £2,000) / *0% Finance also available over 24 months (treatment value above £2,000). Finance provided by Chrysalis Finance. Subject to availability, terms and conditions apply. Clinic Payment Plans are also available (An alternative to finance in case finance is not available to you)

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Why Choose Us?

Whether you grind your teeth, have a missing tooth, or wish to brighten and rejuvenate your smile, we can help.

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