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Fixed braces

Expert cosmetic teeth straightening in London

Self-ligating Damon & American Orthodontics Fixed Braces at Pro Dental Clinic

Damon Braces

Sophisticated teeth straightening technology

Damon Braces are a high-tech alternative to traditional fixed braces. This system uses a self-litigating technology meaning that the bracket is designed to open and close like a door so eliminates the need for elastic bands and the self-consciousness that comes with them!

The Damon system offers a faster and more comfortable treatment option to other fixed brace appliances on the market and you don’t have to worry about numerous tightening appointments with the dentist as the system is always working. Whereas traditional braces can take from 18 months to 3 years to be fully effective, Damon Braces quicken treatment time by six months!

before and after of teeth straightened by damon braces

The benefits of Damon Braces

Discreet and comfortable

Self-litigating and no need for elastic bands

More gentle on teeth and sensitive mouth tissue

Faster treatment time

If you’d like to learn more about the Damon Brace system, book a no-obligation consultation today!

American Orthodontics Braces

High-tech and low profile orthodontics

Worried about unsightly metal braces affecting your confidence? The high-tech design of American Orthodontics self-ligating brackets are formulated for uncompromised performance and strength as well as discreet and modern appearance.

The benefits of American Orthodontics Braces

American Orthodontics blend in with the natural colour of your teeth so are less noticeable in the mouth. They allow you to eat whatever and whenever you like as they don’t stain and don’t require any additional maintenance beyond your regular brushing and flossing routine. Also, because the brackets are small and smooth, you won’t experience any mouth irritation which you might expect from traditional fixed braces!

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