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Orthodontic Packages

Exclusively discounted prices for the start of your smile makeover journey.

Start your treatment journey with all-inclusive orthodontic packages at Pro Dental from just £2,900

Not all the patients we see for cosmetic consultations like Composite Bonding or Porcelain Veneers are eligible for the treatment they initially wanted. This is because a lot of people have orthodontic issues that are holding them back from having cosmetic treatment.

Many people are unaware they have orthodontic issues, or simply believe that cosmetic treatments can be used as a quick fix. It’s essential that anyone considering cosmetic treatment understands that to be eligible and to get the best, longest lasting results, a healthy and solid base is essential. Here at Pro Dental Clinic, we start with the end in mind, working backwards through the necessary steps to ensure that every single one of our patients is well informed and receiving the best possible care and results.

Cosmetic dental work is a way of enhancing a natural smile. Our dentists are extremely talented, but they, like all dentists, can only work with what they’ve got. This means if your natural smile is crooked, misaligned, damaged, and unhealthy, they’re unable to wave a magic wand and solve all these issues with one quick fix. A good natural smile is essential for all cosmetic dental treatments, and this starts with orthodontics.

Your exclusive orthodontic packages

Cosmetic Aligner Package

£ 2,900

  • Spark 10 clear aligners
  • Professional whitening
  • Removable retainers
  • Saving of £600
  • + 10% off Composite Bonding treatment

Orthodontic Aligner Package

£ 3,500

  • Spark 20 Aligners OR Damon Clear Fixed Braces
  • Professional Whitening
  • Removable Retainers
  • Saving of £1000
  • + 10% off Composite Bonding treatment

If you’d like to discuss one of these packages with our clinical director and orthodontist Dr Margi Bansal, please use the link below to book a consultation at our Harley Street clinic, quote code ORTHOPACKAGE1 to your treatment coordinator and the discount will be applied to your treatment plan.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a speciality that deals with badly positioned teeth, jaws, and bite patterns. Misalignment of the teeth and jaws is extremely common and most patients we see will either have had orthodontic treatment previously or have issues they need to correct before they can have Composite Bonding or Porcelain Veneers.

With all our patients, we do a digital assessment of photographs before booking consultations. This is to ensure patients are eligible for the treatment they’re booking in for. A high number of patients requesting consultations for cosmetic treatment are told they need to first correct orthodontic issues. We understand how frustrating and disappointing this can be, especially for people wanting to have treatment completed quickly. Treatment is still possible; it is however a journey and waiting a little bit longer to do things properly is going to give you better results and better value for your money.

For all of our patients who have been told cosmetic work isn’t possible, we’re offering a variety of different packages at an exclusively discounted price to help you along the way to achieving your forever dream smile.

Ready to take the next step?

Book a consultation or get in touch with our friendly team today. We take a £50 deposit payment to secure all consultations which is redeemable against treatment. Deposit is not refundable.