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Our prices are competitive and ensure easy access to expert and Harley Street quality dentistry. We also offer a variety of payment plan and 0% finance options for our complete range of treatments, which you can discuss in more detail with a treatment coordinator during your consultation.


Treatment fee guide

Last updated March 2021

Smile Design & Cosmetic Dentistry

Composite Edge Bonding (each)
Composite Veneer (each)
£300 per tooth (was £395)
Premium Pro Composite Veneers (per tooth)
£299 per tooth LIMITED TIME ONLY! (was £450)
Porcelain Veneer (each, incl. wax-up)
£850 per tooth
Emax Porcelain Veneer (each, incl. wax-up)
£850 per tooth or £695 per tooth for 8 or more
Aesthetic Teeth Contouring


Analysis (OPG, Ceph x-ray, moulds/photos and analysis report) only if required
Damon Clear Braces (1 arch)
from £4,000
Damon Clear Braces (2 arches)
from £4,500
Invisalign FULL Unlimited Treatment (including whitening & removable retainers)
from £5,000
Spark Clear Aligners Full Treatment (including whitening & removable retainers)
from £5,000
Invisalign Lite (4-7 months, 2 arches)
from £4,000
Spark 20 Clear Aligners
from £4,000
Invisalign Lite (4-7 months, 1 arch)
from £3,500

Dental Implants

Implant-retained Denture (single arch)
Implant-retained Denture (whole mouth)
All-On-4 Teeth in a Day (single arch)
All-On-4 Teeth in a Day (both arches)
All-On-4 Removable Temporary (single arch)
All-On-4 Removeable Temporary (both arches)
Premium Pro All-On-4 Teeth In A Day (single arch)
Premium Pro All-On-4 Teeth In A Day (both arches)
Temporary Denture (if needed for above)
Single implant
Temporary Denture/Bridge/Crown for single implant
Block Graft
Bone Graft (including membrane)
Sinus Lift (per sinus)
Plasma (PRGF)

Fillings & Restorations

Temporary Filling
SMALL Filling (white composite)
MEDIUM Filling (white composite)
LARGE Filling (white composite)
Root Canal (front tooth, Including filling)
Root Canal (premolar, Including filling)
Root Canal (molar, Including filling)
Re-root Canal
Custom Shade Matching
Wisdom Tooth or Surgical Extractions
Study Models

Crowns, Bridges & Dentures

Single Composite Crown
Porcelain Crown
Porcelain Crown (with specialist)
Post and Core
Single Bridge (composite)
Zirconia Bridge
Zirconia Bridge (with specialist)
Single Bridge
Single Bridge (with specialist)
Maryland Bridge
Denture (single arch)
Denture (full mouth)

General Dentistry

New Patient Examination (incl. x-rays)
Routine Examination (not incl. x-rays)
Emergency Appointment
X-ray (small)
£15 each
CT Scan (1 jaw)
CT Scan (both jaws)
Removable or Fixed Retainer
£200 per arch
Night Guard


Scale and Polish (30 mins)
Scale and Polish (45 mins)
Scale and Polish (1 hour)
Scale and Polish (with AirFlow)
Periodontal Examination
Periodontal Treatment (per session)

Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening
Internal Teeth Whitening
£750 per session
Teeth Whitening Gels (per syringe)

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I’d wanted to have my teeth straightened for years and searched through lots of different dentists around London. After my consultation with Pro Dental I knew I wanted to have my treatment done here, everyone is so friendly and lovely and most importantly I felt like the dentist listened completely to what I wanted my teeth to look like and put me on the right path. I had full Invisalign, composite bonding and gum contouring, complete with whitening treatment and fixed retainers. Everything was carried out smoothly. I feel truly safe in Deborah’s hands and trust her opinion. She gave me realistic advice and answers to my queries no matter how small. I felt my teeth and health were always the top priority along with getting my dream smile. I’m so so happy with the results, I fully advise anyone who wants their teeth done to just do it, and go to Pro Dental!

Emily Bissell

I had such an amazing experience with Pro Dental! I want to thank the staff individually for taking care of me. I was always welcomed with open arms and the staff are super friendly. They attended my concerns and made sure I was always happy. I am over the moon with the final outcome of my teeth as it is 100x better than what I had hoped for. Great clinic, would highly recommend if you are planning on visiting.


I recently had the whitening and 8 composite bonding at Pro Dental, the experience has been fantastic from start to finish I highly recommended them and have done to a few of my friends already! Their customer service is brilliant, everybody is so friendly and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Dr Goma did a fantastic job and I love my new smile, I can't stop staring at my new teeth and have had so many compliments 😀 Thank you!

Jessica Byrne

Pro Dental are amazing! I’ve always been conscious of my teeth but Dr Master has managed to change that around. I have had composite bonding and am in love! I’ve had endless compliments about how glam yet natural my teeth look and I couldn’t be happier. The team were lovely and overall had a great experience. Thankyou!!!!!

Bella Potter

I recently had 6 upper Emax Veneers and the results are amazing! The whole team made me feel very at ease and communication was great from start to finish. Before the procedure I was extremely self-conscious of my teeth and I would rarely smile in photographs, however I cannot stop smiling now and my new found confidence is all down to Pro Dental.

Stephanie Rose Cross

I ain’t normally a fan of dentist but pro dental honestly made me feel comfortable and at ease. They answered all my questions and were very friendly. I would recommend to anybody that wants to get any work done. I had 8 veneers and couldn’t be happier with the results, I had no pain at all throughout the procedure. The whole journey was stress free didn’t have to worry about any of my appointments what times they were not anything like that communication was just fantastic.


I have a huge phobia of the dentist, but since coming to Pro Dental I actually look forward to going now! Not only do my teeth look and feel amazing but the staff are all so friendly, smiley, happy and calming! I have had all my wisdom teeth out at pro dental, I have had fillings, braces and composite bonding because I am obsessed with being their now. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend.

Fern Howe-Shepherd

A fantastic clinic and a great team. Professional and personable and they give an exemplary level of customer service. I have used other dental treatment clinics in the past but Pro Dental has been by far the best experience for me. I look forward to using them for more services in the future and I'd happily recommend them to friends and family. Well done Pro Dental, keep up the good work and thank you!

Benjamin Edmonds